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Posted on: September 15, 2008 7:03 pm

A "Knight" at the office

Reggie who? McKnight 12 touches 108 yds. hit the showers.  Almost boring, but Joe McKnight is a one of a kind.  A lottery backfield of talent and McKnight makes them all take a seat.  This guy, a sophomore hasn't even broke a sweat yet.  IF he doesn't hang the heisman on the shelf this year, put it in the bank next year along with a nice draft position.  Although Reggie is a rare talent in his on right, teams will be in line for McKnight as he'll actually become a dominate running back of which the likes of USC hasn't seen since the 1970's.  And that's passing up a huge list of great backs.  He's even got some maturing to do size wise as well (6'0", 180).  Another 15 lbs. of muscle and this guy will be looking like a sweetness.  As for his team, they are looking unbeatable.  It won't likely be until the BCS championship will they face an opponent capable of challenging them and that will be a difficult task for the Sooners (nope the Bulldog's conference will eventually tame Georgia).  And the Sooners only challenge looks to be Missouri in their conference championship.  Look for McKnight to be joining in on the "Chase" in New York later this year. 

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